Nickolas Zirganos: Operation Nostos

In his first detective novel, the esteemed colleague Nickolas Zirganos not only captivates us but also brings to light all the hidden facets of the ancient artifact trafficking that has plagued Greece even before the birth of the modern Greek state.

The title of the book is “Operation ‘Nostos’ – A Golden Wreath and a Daughter for Alexis Karas,” and it is published by Topos Editions. Although it is a work of fiction, the references to real cases and individuals playing pivotal roles in various antiquities trafficking networks are evident. The author possesses profound knowledge of the subject matter. In fact, his research on the international antiquities trafficking network has been featured in publications such as N.Y. Times, The Independent, and others. He has even contributed to the repatriation of antiquities, such as those from the Getty Museum.

The knowledge and material serve as the foundation, but beyond that, the author’s writing talent takes over to keep us engrossed until the last page.

This well-crafted detective novel is a testament to the genre’s peak in our country. Simultaneously, it awakens our awareness and provides significant insights to understand the importance of protecting our cultural heritage and confronting the mechanisms that threaten it.

The book offers a revealing glimpse into the people who are theoretically and officially the prosecutors of antiquities trafficking but are often… collaborators. Additionally, the author, with years of professional experience, shows us what exactly happens behind the scenes of the media and how news is presented or buried. The motives have nothing to do with informing the public, but rather, behind the flashy headlines, lies business interests and blackmail.

Furthermore, there are some Don Quixote journalists who persist in fighting windmills.


Kostas Stoforos



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