NATHALIE by Sergio Salma

Nathalie is a fearless heroine. Her dream would be to leave to discover a world with a capital M as in … Mom. Her great references are the big names who have given the travelogue its letters of nobility, namely Joseph Conrad, Jack London, Albert London … Nathalie is of course influenced by television and advertising, but also and above all by her bulimic readings, which range from the dictionary to the novel through magazines, comics, atlases, and so on. Nathalie would like to see everything, to know everything, to discover everything, but the evil force of inertia prevents her from making her dreams come true.


Indeed, how can you deprive yourself of the cozy comfort of home at the time of cocooning? In My first world tour, the emphasis is on travel, discovery, the great departure. The album is made up of gags in one page (of six boxes each) which can be read in sequence like a chronicle of Nathalie’s family life punctuated by her dreams of escape. In a few pages, the scene is set. Nathalie’s attic is the Annapurna, the cellar is the Mariana Trench, the freezer is the ice floe and her bath water is the ocean. Nathalie is not afraid of anything, neither the unbearable heat of Death Valley, nor the unbearable cold of Antarctica. However, one thing terrifies her to the highest degree: the math quiz on Monday.


Maud Jaquet



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