House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

One night after high school, Zoey discovers that the sign of vampires has just appeared on her forehead. Immediately, her best friend rejects her, her parents try to lock her up and her boyfriend becomes particularly clingy… Zoey is terrified but she has no choice: she must integrate the House of Night, the boarding school where the future vampire lives. 


From the first sentence, the reader’s attention is captured. We quickly get into the action. From the first page, a striking event occurs. The writing style of these authors is fascinating! Before we even realize that the number of pages is decreasing, we have already finished it! It’s easy and quick to read, so it’s accessible to everyone!

“Twilight meets Harry Potter.”

— MTV on the House of Night series


 Zoey! Despite the difficult things she lives and the hardships she faces, we would like to be in her place. Zoey is endearing and unifying. But her transformation may not be as easy as she expected.


Obviously, there is a love story like in any good novel, but the one that Zoey Redbird lives is special… 



Maud Jaquet



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