Les Sisters by Christophe Cazenove and and William Maury

William Maury, alias Willmaury or William, is the author of this comic. He began to draft it in 2006, drawing inspiration from his own daughters to write it. He calls it a family resemblance and draws it in black and white. The following year, he gave it its final form in color as well as its title, the previous one becoming that of the first opus. 15 others will follow at Bamboo Éditions, responding to their success.

In august 2017, it’s the consecration for Wendy and Marine, with the adaptation of their universe in animation series. Christophe Cazenove co-wrote the scripts and two seasons were produced. In all, 104 episodes of a dozen minutes each. M6, then Télétoon+ and Gulli broadcast the exploits of the sisters. They are also broadcast internationally, in more than fifteen countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.




Maud Jaquet



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