Lenobia’s Vow by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

The second novella in the House of Night spin-off series, Lenobia’s Vow, delves into the pasts of some of the most significant and enigmatic professors at the Tulsa House of Night. The protagonist of this story is Lenobia.

We are in 1788, in France, and the beginnings of the Revolution are felt. Lenobia, the adulterous daughter of a baron and a servant is sent to New Orleans in place of her father’s “official” descendant, promised to a good party in the New World, but who died some time earlier, in the biggest secret. Aboard the ship supposed to take her to New Orleans, Lenobia will meet people who will change her life forever!

This special issue reveals another facet of Professor Lenobia’s personality. We meet a rather fragile young girl, insecure and afraid of leaving her mother. This aspect of her character contrasts with the one she reflects throughout the main saga. We are far from the mysterious and inaccessible character of which we did not know in the end, not much. A short story with a good plot. The historical context and the themes addressed bring a maturity that is not necessarily found in the main series. This spin-off is both poignant and emotional. We get attached to Lenobia and we are touched by all the trials she goes through over the chapters.

We learn the tragic story of the thwarted love of the teenager. The very people who pushed her to isolate herself from the world to devote herself only to her horses.

It reveals the contours of the commitments that Lenobia has chosen to make and which will prove very useful in the rest of the saga.

A short but intense story that will transport you to another time, to another century, where today’s issues meet those of yesteryear: the monsters are often not what you think!


Maud Jaquet



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