Kalona’s Fall by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

In the beginning, life was pure and had a creative energy. Then came the time of the gods and enchanted kingdoms. Finally, that of mortals on their little blue planet. Millennia passed, the gods grew weary, and finally, only Nyx, guardian of the Beyond, remained. And the centuries passed again, forcing the goddess to mope in her loneliness. Out of pure friendship, the Earth-Mother decided to offer a companion to her faithful friend, but from this fate were born two immortals totally different, Erebus and Kalona. And while one overflowed with humor and fraternity, the other was nothing but resentment and jealousy despite all the love the goddess had for him. This jealousy grew sickly and soon turned into devastating anger, hurling Kalona into darkness…

With this special volume, the reader finally discovers the story of Nyx and Kalona. This love-passion builds on things left unsaid which never ceases to feed the immortal’s lack of self-confidence and by the same token his desires for revenge.

The authors first take us for a walk in the most total romanticism before leading us towards this descent into hell, slow but always increasing. On the other hand, the genesis of vampirism is revealed to us with a certain poetry and a lot of generosity.

To read …. Especially if you have not yet devoured the series, because this novel carries wisdom and hopes.


Maud Jaquet



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