JUMP is training associated partners: Smart Lab Europe

One of the key objectives of the Erasmus+ project “EU-READ&ART” is to develop local networks of partners by involving those social institutions that in every community are in the forefront of the appreciation and creation of culture. We are talking about cultural associations, public libraries, museums, private and public institutions: key players that can be involved in meaningful local group actions.

The method put in place by EU-READ&ART foresees the involvement of new partners, new participants and stakeholders by crossing the international opportunity of blended training given by experts in order to help participants to feel part of a network of “Creative Minds” at EU level.

On August 5th, the “EU-READ&ART for SmartLab Europe” training was activated, featuring a group of adult/seniors members trained by a JUMP Reader Team Leader on the use of digital tools for creating book trailers, specifically Canva, a free graphic design tool.

The cultural association SmartLab Europe is a center for the development, support and dissemination of initiatives in the fields of culture. It actively promotes activities, and moments to reflect, compare experiences, share knowledge and skills, so that everyone can learn from each other in a positive social environment.

Among the most significant actions undertaken by the association there’s the creation of intergenerational Reading Groups whose goal is to enhance the reading skills of children, young people and adults: a common purpose between Smart Lab and EU-READ&ART, that’s what made this fruitful and active collaboration possible.



Author: Francesca Politi – JUMP Team


Francesca Politi



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