Free training for the creation of book trailers

The Erasmus+ project EU-READ&ART is starting his path of development of the precious skills defined in the Council Recommendation for Lifelong Learning. Organizer of an innovative method of cooperative learning, the first steps are moving towards 4 free training sessions for all Readers and Book Lovers in Europe.

The method EU-READ&ART aims at guiding small groups to act at local level, crossing the international opportunity of blended training given by experts of the consortium (JUMP, ACADEMIA) which will help participants to feel part of an ever-expanding European network of creative minds through a process of learning together. The approach combines reading&creative writing, media literacy, development of cultural and artistic expression.

More specifically, the series of four training sessions “Let’s BOOK TRAILER” will create a more European dimension of work thanks to the course Video Creation aimed towards learning how to produce audiovisual material in the shape of trailers or teasers. The sessions are for free, held on ZOOM and will focus on all the aspects of video production, starting with the pre-production (documentation, planning, storyboarding…) and continuing with production (filming, finding videos…) and post-production (editing, adding text, effects, transitions…).

Skills like video making are powerful tools that once transferred to adult learners, the direct beneficiaries, during their learning pathways, will represent new ways of expression and empowerment of media literacy.

This can be accomplished only with a strong Cooperation Partnership like this one that is going to be be like a plant: sustained by a rich soil (our competences as an international team), nourished by motivation, passion and EU guidelines, with promising results to be achieved together: The first European Digital Library of Book Trailers and Creative Expressions.


Francesca Politi



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