Forgotten on Sunday by Valérie Perrin

The forgotten on Sunday are all these old people, very often abandoned by their families in this retirement home in Milly, in Burgundy.Justine is a caregiver there. She loves these old people. And sometimes she collects their stories, as she does for Hélène to reread them and remind them of their lives.


Justine’s life is shifted… because at 21 she lives with her grandparents since her father and mother killed themselves in a car accident with her uncle and his wife. Because she does everything for her cousin, whom she considers her brother since the accident. Because she only lives with old people except when she goes to let off steam at “Paradis”, the local nightclub, and sleeps with “I-don’t-remember-how”. . .

On the cover of the book, a woman, a suitcase in her hand. A beach. A seagull. The whole story is summed up so well here.

The fluid and modern writing of Valérie Perrin draws the reader into a story rich in poetry, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, tender and sentimental, which moves and fascinates. It is therefore difficult to leave this book before the end.

We find a real sensitivity in the description of the characters and their story, we are truly carried away by the story.


Maud Jaquet



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