Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate, a 16-year-old high school student living in small town Gatlin, South Carolina, a place where nothing ever happens, where routine is present every day. But he hides a secret: every night he dreams of a girl who falls and whom he cannot save despite his best efforts. When he wakes up, he won’t be able to forget his dreams but he never remembers the end.On the first day of school, in the corridors, everyone is talking only about the new girl who arrives… During a pottery lesson, he hears music that reminds him of something: 16 moons. Ethan was like in a trance listening to the words of the melody, a kind of dream but awake. After regaining his senses, following his instinct, he goes in search of the author of the song. It is while emptying his head that he will finally fall on her… Lena Duchannes. 


Lena Duchannes is a 15 year old teenager. She is an enchantress and especially dreads on her sixteenth birthday. The tradition of the enchanters wants that at 16 years old one chooses between two paths, light or darkness. There are no half measures. In Lena’s family, the choice is unfortunately not allowed, it is fate that chooses for them.As a result, the teenager fears becoming Darkness.

Warner Bros has acquired the rights to the saga to make it into a movie. It was directed by Richard LaGravenese and produced by Erwin Stoff.The movie Beautiful Creatures was released in US theaters on February 14, 2013.


Authors Kami & Margaret have managed to write a very simple love story, an exciting quest where Ethan and Lena try to solve mysteries before the deadline. The characters are all endearing.


Maud Jaquet



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