Finally the first book trailer of the book “The son of the sea” realized with the same writer

Eliana Iorfida, young writer born in Serra San Bruno in the inland of the Calabrian sierras, but living in Soverato, co-created with an adult learner representing the “Third Age University”, Mrs Domenica Callió, the book trailer of her book “The son of the sea” (Il figlio del mare) published in 2020 with the published “Pellegrini editore”. 

During a laboratory organized by the team of the JUMP association adult learners could start producing their first videos. Not so easy for them with a low level of digital skills, but a lot of enthusiasm brought to this first example of a book trailer of a book which is raising from time to time the attention of the public. 

“The son of the sea” is “a journey into memory, through Italy and the pain of a child who became an adult too quickly. A plunge into the past, into the arms of a land that knows how to be both mother and stepmother; where life resists, calls out for new life and fights, as tenacious as the gorse bent by the grecale. The land of origins is narrated as an archetype of itself, a “non-place”, a geographical and imaginative space. A story declined according to the framework of Greek tragedy, where the prose of the chapters interweaves the lyricism of the choral interventions”. 

Watch the book trailer, it’s the official first one! To be specific, it has been realized in a very short time, with a lot of patience four-handed by Domenica (called Mimma) and the same writer who used the video-editor of for the first time. It’s short and simple for these reasons. Many others will come!

link to the book trailer:


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