EU-READ&ART celebrates its first year with promising results!

The project EU-READ&ART has been running for a year now and we are excited to share the progress made so far. Let’s look back together on a year of successful implementation through the technical report created by the JUMP Team.

One of the most important aspects of the report is the analysis of the statistics related to our main digital platform. 

We are thrilled to see that many of the book trailers created so far have been viewed thousands of times, demonstrating the project’s popularity and impact. 

Additionally, the report presents the most visited sections of our website, providing insight into which resources and tools have been most helpful to our users.

Another interesting aspect of the report is the geographic analysis of our users. We are proud to see that our project has reached people from all over Europe and this demonstrates the great interest in promoting digital skills and literacy among adult learners.

Furthermore, the report showcases the success of our social media channels, Facebook and Youtube and the numbers reached on our blog.

Read the full technical report for more details on the project’s achievements and progress so far!


Francesca Politi



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