Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together

Trying to manage your money in the face of shifting reality can seriously damage both your bank accounts and your brain when the world comes at you quickly. Getting a pencil and paper out and doing your math can seem hard when life is stressful.
With this excellent and always-useful workbook, readers can get their hands dirty and organize their finances with Erin Lowry, whose Broke Millennial series has been assisting people for years. This book addresses every aspect of your financial situation, from determining the precise amount you need in your emergency fund and developing a strategy for attacking your debt to sketching up scripts for talking about “taboo” financial matters and establishing boundaries with family and friends.
You will take control of your financial journey with the help of the Broke Millennial Workbook. Put the “personal” back in personal finance and begin organizing your finances right away.


Erin Lowry



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