Unhighlighted Strip

LINA EVER is a journalist, blogger, writer and tourist guide in Berlin. She has tasted the bread of an entrepreneur, manager and official, but she feels best when writing. Published three novels: “Love in the Lens” (2014), “Autumn in Berlin” (2015), “Berlin Novel” (2016). “Unhighlighted Strips” is her fourth book.

The married life of the main character Dalia is falling apart and not even a vacation in Crete can save it. What’s more, her father, a famous Lithuanian photographer, with whom she has lost contact since he left the family, ends up in a coma in the hospital, and she becomes responsible for his care alone. A woman who finds a blank tape in his photo lab realizes that she has discovered her father’s hidden life. Why did he leave his family? Why does mom avoid answering? Who is the firefly in the photos? Why did he never show his best works publicly? Dalia immerses herself in her father’s story, because she feels deep in her heart that only by touching her roots will she be able to discover herself and her path and love again.

The Unhighlighted Strips is a novel for those who like an engaging plot, family secrets, behind-the-scenes bohemian life of artists “once upon a time” and reflections of professional kitchen photographers. The lively and dynamic narrative of the novel brings Vilna and Crete closer, connects old family photos with images of the present, hours of care in the hospital with emerging feelings for a new loved one, and encourages you to think about the mighty power of love. . A sleepless night awaits after starting to read the book.


Lina Ever



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