Let's Book Trailer

Learn how to create fancy book trailers for free with our training materials

The training materials published in this section are realized by the team of ACADEMIA from Maribor (Slovenia), experts on visual art and professional video making.

In March – April 2022 JUMP and ACADEMIA together organized 4 online meetings opened to a wider public. Many Readers Book Lovers and teachers all over Europe participated. Thanks to these materials now all of them are realizing book trailers and training their colleagues, friends and students of different ages.

Start from the 1st training and train yourself or download them for your learners/colleagues and new Readers Book Lovers. The First European Digital Library of Book Trailers is waiting for your contribution!

1st lesson on the creation of book trailers: Pre-production

In this lesson you’ll explore the pre-production stage

2nd lesson on the creation of book trailers: Production

Another step towards the creation of book trailers! Enjoy the second step of production

3rd lesson on the creation of book trailers: Post-production

The third step of the process of creative reinterpretation of books

4th lesson on the creation of book trailer: Your turn!

And now, you are ready and trained to start to upload your new book trailer in the first European Library of Book Trailers

Extra lesson: The technical side of video making

A brilliant overview by ACADEMIA of what you need to record your unique book trailer!