“The Third from Truth” Poetry and Philosophy

 “…Anastasia Margeti speaks to the despair and darkness of our time by reaching out to timeless spiritual visions and resources; to Plato’s  sense that mankind are far-removed from Truth and Aristotle’s insight that the process of actualization involves a dynamic movement from potential to realized. 

The movement from potentiality to realization (MATERNAL ENTELECHY), from the domain of illusion to the sphere of vitalized being, is traced in the story of the collection as a whole, reflected in the poems’ titles.

In the face of this dead-end of the human story, the poet strives to become an agent of change. Accordingly, the poet both revives the personal dream of passion and renews the communal vision of a society based on political enlightenment and progress (EDEN). 

To achieve her purpose, Margeti creates a collection of verse in a ground-breaking poetic mode, that contains both lyrical and philosophical elements with continuity from beginning to end, from the opening text treating dilemmas (SYMPLEGADES) to the closing poem (…OF THE COSMIC REALM), which pictures verse soaring in the direction of spiritual discovery”.


Robert & Despina Crist



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