The summer of my life


Summer is the only season when everything can happen. It triggers desires, melting melancholy and making glimpse on the horizon, transforming things into something new. An enchantment that is repeated every year, giving us the illusion that nothing will be like before

“LA PIU’ BELLA ESTATE’ (in English ‘The most beautiful summer’) dwells precisely on the bonds between two people because it is in the encounter with the other that we define ourselves and take shape. A friend, a teacher, a love can touch us and transform us. Federico Pace’s sensitivity turns into a journey into the world of feelings in a novel that can be an extraordinary launching pad to recognize the true meaning of human relationships. Through the characters of this story (mothers, fathers, sons, lovers and friends) we understand what allows our destiny to form. Destiny is not a coincidence of facts already established, but it depends on the people we meet on our way of existence. According to them, our path will take one way rather than another. So, the author whispers to us, in a light and decisive way, telling us about the explosion of an unexpected, sometimes extreme nature. A dip in water. The touching of the lips. The silences. The meetings. Deserted cities. Endless nights. Following the transformations that bring with it the most fleeting and elusive season, what happens to the planet, plants, animals, and above all to each of us, Federico tells from unpublished corners emblematic and compelling stories that came to life during those days so full of expectations. Stories happened to those who let that summer, once again, bring with it a strange happiness.



Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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