The Hidden Woman

Iris Anna Lloyd, Sotiris Asimakopoulos, Dimitris Vanellis, Panagiota Vouvouda, Eleni Galinou, Fani Galinou, Maria Eleftheriadi, Melina Iliopoulou, George Karteris, Yiannis Metaxas, Sofia Xenelli, Anthophili Teloniati, Sarantos Frangos, Antiope Frantzi, Despina Haralampidi, Nafsika Haralampidou

I woke up one morning and saw her. She was there, asleep. Who had brought her? Was she a woman or a mermaid? Was it a dream or reality? Perhaps she had always been there, and I hadn’t seen her for so long. Who carved her? Who ate the rock? She seemed tired, as if she had returned from a long journey, as if she came from unknown, distant places… But she felt so familiar! As if I had known her from the past, as if she knew me too. But who was she, what was her name? Did she want to tell me something? A secret, maybe? Would she stay there forever, or would she suddenly leave as she had come? Was she just passing through? Did she have something to eat? Was she thirsty? Did she bring something bad? No, she couldn’t be evil. She was friendly, vulnerable. She was a sea creature, a female being!

She was the Woman-Island.


Kostas Stoforos



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