The 4th Reading Lab organized by CPIA

Students and teachers of the Don Sturzo school in Grottaglie, the headquarters of the CPIA in Taranto, coordinated by the teacher Pasquale Nesca, recently had the opportunity to meet with the writer Maria Idria, who was once a student in the evening courses for adults. This encounter took place as part of the Erasmus+ EUREAD&ART project.

The Don Sturzo school in Grottaglie is part of the CPIA, which stands for “Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti” (Provincial Center for Adult Education) in Taranto, Italy. The school offers evening courses for adults who want to improve their education or learn new skills.

This meeting was a valuable opportunity for the students and teachers of the Don Sturzo school to learn from a successful alumna and to engage in a meaningful discussion about the importance of reading and art in adult education. It is through initiatives like the Erasmus+ EUREAD&ART project that adult learners can continue to grow and develop new skills throughout their lives.


Mr. Pasquale Nesca



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