Refurbishment and conversion of the melting furnace of the T4 foundry

My company has been in aluminum production and remelting for decades. So I wanted a suitable topic or project within the company where the approach and organization of work is renewed and can be adequately described and presented.

As the work plan called for various overhauls and refurbishments of the melting furnaces, I decided to present the refurbishment of the melting furnace in my diploma thesis. After examining all the company’s ovens, I decided to start refurbishing the Introducing of T4 melting furnace, because it was planned to replace both floors, including the change of material in the working shift of the main chamber from chamotte to concrete fields with refractory concrete. As part of my thesis, I wanted to show that the right Organization of work to carry out the work faster and more cost-effectively or the overhaul and that the new design of the work shift at later overhauls is cheaper and easier to maintain. I got this for my thesis required material about the melting furnace itself and the materials installed in it. I also had information on how the work shift of the main chamber has been carried out so far has been. I have the procedure for making the working layer in the main chamber with me Fireclay bricks and the method of making the working layer with concrete pads described and the advantages and disadvantages listed. I have the material and labor costs for building the working layer of the main chamber with fireclay bricks and for building with concrete fields calculated. I tabulated, compared and analyzed these costs. I also included calculations for the number of joints for building the chamber chamotte bricks and for the execution of the working layer with concrete fields made of refractory concrete carried out. After completing the calculations, I have the two designs in one Table compared and justified. In the concrete fields, the concrete mix was before Installation refrigerated to facilitate installation. Since I wanted to investigate whether the Cooling directly affects the compressive strength and not just the workability of the concrete itself I made concrete cubes (samples) during the renovation, which I later used tested for compressive strength with a hydraulic press. Then i entered the data into a table and analyzed it. I also set up two organizations, one for a one-shift workday and one for a two-shift workday. To do this I used Excel ofr each Organization creates a table ahowing how many employees and how much time needed for a specific task and the entire overhaul. For every day I wrote down exactly what to do that day. I compared the two working days and decided on the right organization of work according to the available criteria. 


Damir Vogrinec



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