Online the new “DIGITAL DATA REPORT PROJECT EU-READ&ART project” realized with data at today 27/01/2024

As everyone knows JUMP created the virtual space where for more than 2 years 7 partners published 554 book trailers and 330 articles. It’s time for reporting and the project is formally finished according to Erasmus Plus deadlines but we are going on and we hope not to stop the beautiful process started together. 

Time for reporting as said so here we publish the last report, fresh of today 27/01/2024, the day of memory in all the world. This report underlines the huge work done by all partners who learned how to publish on the platform as a sharing space of knowledge and culture raising. 

Data are important: 

Readers Book Lovers read books in 9 languages (the languages in which originally have been written the books) but book trailers cover 7 languages, the languages of the 7 partners who represent 6 countries plus English. It seems a rebus, doesn’t it?

Many people visited our website, also from USA, India and China (maybe they were spies!). We don’t have nothing to hide!

Mainly people from Lithuania, Greece and Italy visited it but also from France, Germany, Poland and Romania. 

In the future we expect to have more than 120 book trailers more and the dissemination activities are going on!

Enjoy reading the report in the dedicated page up on the menù: DOCUMENTS!




Erika Gerardini JUMP Association



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