One Person/Multiple Careers

Vice President at CoGenerate Marci Alboher is one of the country’s foremost experts on workplace trends and career-related challenges. The power of collaborating, connecting, and innovating across generations is Marci’s current area of interest. Her most recent book, The Encore Career Handbook: How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life, was written by a former blogger and columnist for The New York Times.  Alboher’s collection of profiles of persons juggling several tasks may provide consolation to those already slicing through varied work life by letting them know that others are also doing so. Alboher’s obsession with people juggling two lives may offer a different route to success for those who have recently lost their jobs or are looking for more meaning in life. Alboher has given up an easily characterized career as an attorney to become a journalist, author, speaker, and writing coach, similar to the psychotherapist/violin maker she profiles. Her book is more about changing how one defines a career and making changes for a more fulfilling existence than it is about changing one’s career. She spends a little too much time explaining how multilayered careers begin before moving on to more practical advice, such as trying out different personas before making drastic changes to your career, keeping your income steady, and how to market yourself after cutting a few jobs from your job description. She claims in this imaginative and delightful manual that when the various strands of one’s life are braided together in this way, “the whole of you comes out.


Marci Alboher



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