Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

Gain greater compensation; shatter the glass ceiling; find employment; and negotiate a pay increase.
Ladies in business, pay attention. You CAN get paid what you’re worth and have a fulfilling career and work life, author Susan Riehle makes a compelling argument in her book. This is a quick, impactful read that is concise, to the point, and full of advice that people have never bothered to give you in the past.

Allow a female CEO to provide you guidance.
The lectures and conference sessions Susan has given over the years to support women’s success provide the foundation for this book. Susan has spoken at gatherings, clubs, and groups. She specializes in providing straightforward career guidance. She leads Studio Productions, Inc. as CEO. She is an artist, a businesswoman, and an engineer.

How to control the interview situation and calm your nerves
Susan teaches you how to get an interviewer to ask you the questions you want them to in addition to just how to write a resume. Anyone looking for a better job will find it to be an entertaining, enlightening, and eye-opening book. There is a ton of wise counsel in “Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse” for you! You’ve come to the perfect book if you’re seeking for straightforward guidance that you can actually apply. Have you ever been told that the interviewer is just as anxious as you are? Did anyone else mention that you needed to make an impression on them? Did anyone ever warn you that women frequently lose out on significant sums of money when males negotiate? Did they provide you the code words to use while negotiating a pay raise? Susan does in this venerable manual on conducting business.



Susan Riehle



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