Luck, please

Aljoša Bagola (1979), declared Slovenian creative director of the decade, devoted himself intensively to writing after his twenty-year advertising career.

His debut book, How to burn out and take life into your own hands, impressed readers, became a bestseller, and already had three reprints in the first few months.

Aljoša holds a degree in communication from the Faculty of Social Sciences, with which he also worked as a lecturer for many years. He is a recognized consultant in the field of creativity, a sold-out lecturer in the field of modern mental health, a popular columnist and media commentator.

After a period of burnout, he began to type for happiness and another insightful masterpiece was created, full of inspiring life stories and mind-blowing linguistic shenanigans. It will help you recognize happiness in its many shades – by healthy acceptance of your dark sides and courageous realization of your uniqueness.

As many as 11,000 copies of the first book were sold
Aljoša Bagola, the Slovenian creative director of the decade, a popular columnist and lecturer, impressed with his debut book How to burn out and take life into your own hands, an honest confession about dealing with burnout. The book broke all reading records and, with 11,000 copies sold, became the best-selling book of 2020 in our country. It helped many readers (also abroad) to cope more easily with the frenzy of the modern world and to find comfort, calmness and optimism in it.

Where the first ended, the second begins…
“My second book continues where the previous one left off. In it (and with it) I overcame burnout and learned ways to re-approach contentment, better mental control and experiencing happiness as moments to which you surrender yourself with all your being,” says Bagola. In the book Happiness, Please, he digs into the exploration of extremely elusive and hard-to-achieve happiness. He finds that happiness is always a consequence and not a destination we crash into. Because if we crash into happiness, we end up just wandering. Therefore, the recipe for happiness is not hunting, but rather we have to give her time to find our address in peace.

Luck according to Bagolova
Unfortunately, happiness cannot be bought by the kilo and the pursuit of happiness is just aimless walking. Our happiness does not depend on how successful we are in imitating the success, goals and aspirations of others. It depends especially on our courage and determination to admit and accept our dark sides, our monsters from the depths, and connect them healthily to our wholeness, because peace comes from knowing ourselves. Only in this way can we discover and realize our uniqueness – our essence.

“Being free from influences and circumstances. Being committed to transcending self-deception and deceptive assumptions about the world and others. To allow yourself to be unique and to nurture the child in you with wonder. Being independent, thinking with your head and feeling with your heart. That’s happiness.”

Another insightful bravura masterpiece
Bagola is not only an excellent observer of his own inner self and current social events, but also a master of storytelling and surprising verbal acrobatics. That’s why his new book, full of lucid reflections, inspiring life stories and linguistic machinations, is an excellent and inspiring read. According to Bagola, the book is not a manual for happiness, but more of a tamer, silencer or loyal sidekick. But it can become a signpost to fulfillment, uniqueness and “happiness”, since books are “mostly always something for the soul and sometimes also a tool to grow closer to one’s heart and grow”.

Let luck have a say and live your life right
“Life is short, so let’s make sure we don’t end up feeling like we got short shrift. One day we will make a final judgment about our uprightness in the roaring horizon – how bravely we looked life in the eye when deep furrows were plowed into our faces, how our nightmares could not impoverish our dreams, how we did not let our brightest goals be torn from our hands. When we commit to something, we go beyond our givens. When we dream with intention, everything unintentional that life brings us is easier to accept and overcome, and when we are committed to our goals, we don’t give up easily.”


Aljoša Bagola



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