Loreta Aleknienė is the best library director of the year in Lithuania 2022

Anyone who doesn’t avoid to come to the library can see it changed. Once upon a time, the library was a quiet and mysterious book shrine. The changing times just don’t allow to be like before. Loreta Aleknienė, the director of the Ignalina Public Library, boldly accepted the challenges of change and became the best library director in the country this year.

At the 22nd Opening Ceremony of the Lithuanian Library Week held at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania the most deserving librarians in the country have traditionally been greeted. The best librarian, young librarian and library director in the country. It is gratifying that in 2021 Loreta Aleknienė, the director of the Ignalina District Municipality Public Library, was recognized as the best library manager.


The Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, who presented the thanks, emphasized that activity, creative and managerial ideas, excellent team leadership skills and project initiatives were appreciated. One of the last coordinated projects of the library, which is of most interest to the public, is the international project “Europe is reading and creating”.

After receiving the award, L. Aleknienė was happy with the team and thanked for trusting her. “I would like to thank those who entrusted me with the steering wheel of the library 15 years ago and encouraged me to work. For the fact that Ignalina’s name sounds here and now I am grateful to everyone who helps and supports me. How fun it is to feel the ground under your feet when you go together with the team that is not afraid of challenges …”, L. Aleknienė said gratefully.


Lina Raginytė



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