Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles by Virginie Grimaldi

Valérie Perrin was born in 1977 near Bordeaux. She began to devour books as soon as she knew how to read. She was eight years old when she wrote her first novel in a green scrapbook with multiplication tables on the back. After creating an internet blog, she entered a contest that she did not win. However, at the instigation of one of her friends, she sent her novel to publishing houses, one of which called her back directly. This was the beginning of her new life.



“Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles” stands out as a cure. Through the story of Anna, a mother overwhelmed by events who in company of her 2 daughters decided to change life towards Scandinavia in a motorhome, we experience all the family love.

During this story, we laugh, we cry, we are surprised and we take an invigorating bowl of oxygen.


Maud Jaquet



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