God Dionysus & the Pirates

A publication of the School Life and Education Museum

The publication of the School Life and Education Museum with the title “God Dionysus and the Pirates – a journey to myth and history through the fairy tale” by Kostas Stoforos with illustrations by Eleana Markou, resulted from the walks in Plaka organized by the Museum (EKEDISY) together with Fairytale Kitchen.

One of the most favorite destinations of these walks is the Monument of Lysicrates, a sponsored monument, the only one that survives in its entirety from the time of ancient Athens.

A visit to this monument, which later became part of a monastery of Capuchin monks, allows us to unravel the tangle of centuries of history.

The frieze of the monument, which depicts the myth of the abduction of the god Dionysus by Tyrrhenian pirates, makes our journey through history even more fascinating! 

We wanted to share this journey with you through our storybook, complemented by a detailed glossary and creative activities for children.

We wish to continue this journey with other books that will help us get to know the history of Athens better!


Kostas Stoforos



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