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Robert Dvoršek, Univ. B.Sc. Econ., is a business consultant, entrepreneur and accountant. He specializes in the field of micro and small companies, especially those with somewhat more demanding business models and more complex operations.

He started entrepreneurship and his own business career in 2007, namely with the establishment of a private institute, and continued with the development of an accounting service as an independent entrepreneur and later as d. o. o.

Before entering the business world, he actively worked in the management of various organizations, societies and clubs for more than ten years. In addition to his university education, he has completed various informal educations, and he has also managed more than 100 projects.

The book find yourself in entrepreneurship presents itself as a comprehensive and credible source of information for everyone who is thinking about entrepreneurship, start-up companies and existing entrepreneurs. It is a mosaic of hundreds of entrepreneurial stories, experiences, practical examples and best practices.

It is a mosaic of hundreds of entrepreneurial stories, experiences, practical examples and best practices. This book can be a substitute for time-consuming browsing on the Internet among dozens of links, unverified, incomprehensible and scattered pages, official explanations or content with questionable credibility. Here, the topic of entrepreneurship is treated holistically, but also professionally and comprehensibly, and in the light of usability.


To this day, I still get a little sick to my stomach when I think of my expressionless look when Diana said, “Yeah, and then there’s those Z-bills we gave you, right?” With Diana, entrepreneur and co-founder of Or-Ca d.o.o. (a boutique store in the center of Ljubljana), and I had an introductory meeting with Greg to take over accounting. I must have acted confident on the outside, but my internal, semi-panicked reaction was, “With…? What kind of Z-accounts is she talking about? It’s a potential client, and I’m not sure what she’s thinking, even though it’s something in my field – accounting.” , that I soon manage to understand from the context what it is about. Fortunately, I quickly realized that she was talking about the daily receipts – cash register closings, or, in trade jargon, “Z-accounts”, because the POS printer spits them out at the end of the day and they are quite similar to other receipts.

I then successfully resolved this initial conundrum and, lo and behold, more than 10 years later, we are still working together successfully. During this time we both grew and learned a lot. It is their entrepreneurial story that I find truly remarkable and I want to share it with you. But not because it’s an incredible success story – although it is – but mainly because it’s a story of true entrepreneurship. Their story is so varied and encompasses so many aspects that you, as an entrepreneur, will have to understand, that it is this integrity that makes it so special and exceptional.



Robert Dvoršek



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