Everyone can become a creator

People live on the Earth to create and improve, as smarter beings on the planet. Every human activity done with desire and gladness, actually is a creativity. Renata Rastenienė, a librarian working at the New Daugėliškis village branch of the Ignalina Public Library, provided an excellent example how to become a creator that intrigues not only your friends or neighbours but the completely unfamiliar people all over Europe too. The readers club “Thought”.

The Readers’ Club “Mintis” has been operating in Daugėliškis village library for some time. Renata was happy that the club is one of her, as librarian, favourite activities.

“During this period, we have already read eight books at the club. We created three trailers. As we do not have multiple copies of the same books, we read them in blocks. That is, we read four books at a time and we all rotate until we all read those four books. So, it is much more comfortable.  Then we discuss all, characterizing more important or more interesting details. Really, the book trailer by Akvilina Cicėnaitė’s book “To See Me”, created by the readers’ club “Mintis”, was one of the first trailers who left a deep impression on the followers of the book trailer platform. Renata’s daughter “caught” spectacular images in Vilnius at night for it, whereas the book analyses the path of a young person between inhospitable and self-sufficient adults.

I compile a list of books to read very responsibly, because I cherish the time of my own, the readers’ club members time and the time of book trailers platform followers”, – says a librarian Renata.


Lina Raginytė



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