Dans le murmure des feuilles qui dansent by Agnès Ledig

Agnès Ledig, born in 1972 in Strasbourg, is a French novelist. Daughter of 2 teachers, she thought of following the path of her parents before turning to medicine. Specializing in prevention, contraception and emotional support for women, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Strasbourg and became a liberal midwife.


If she started to take the pen, it was to overcome the tragedy that struck her family in 2004. Nathanael, her 5-year-old boy, had leukemia. To keep up with the situation and to inform her relatives about her son’s health, she wrote a small newsletter every Sunday. Very touched by these texts, the doctor following the little boy convinced Agnès Ledig that she has a gift for writing and that she must continue to express her emotions. In 2005, after the death of Nathanael, she began to write a novel. 


Continuing her job as a midwife during the day, the author writes at night. Her first novel, too dark, however, did not appeal to publishers. In 2010, she tried her luck again by taking part in a writing contest organized by Femmes Actuelles. Her manuscript Marie d’en haut was not only selected and published, but also received the magazine’s “Coup de cœur des lectrices” award. Interested in this unknown writer, Albin Michel contacted her shortly afterwards. Agnès Ledig then proposed a new version of her first novel. Published in 2013, Just Before Happiness became her first bestseller. The midwife then left her job to devote herself fully to writing.

Agnès Ledig writes stories that do good, overflowing with tenderness and generosity and that give taste to life. With freshness, simplicity and humour, she tackles both the little pleasures of everyday life and the great suffering.


Maud Jaquet



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