Comparison of online software frameworks and development of an online questionnaire

Since the beginning of the development of the World Wide Web by the US military, which was used to transfer data, to the complete digitalization of business by companies that use websites to expand their business, online conferences and in most cases digital marketing, websites enable large as well as small businesses market penetration. 

The digitization of online business was in the process of being carried out by most companies, but the COVID pandemic only generalized it. The use of transportation to conferences has decreased, and due to digital business, the use of documents in paper form has also decreased. The era of digitization is already accessible to us on all electronic devices, which is why a website for companies is almost mandatory, because whithout a website and proper advertising the company is almost non-existent on the market. We already have a lot of technologies for the development of websites, but in the last decade, web frameworks have emerged that work on the principle of real-time refreshing, which helps the website to be more responsive, withouth innecessary calls to other files, since the framework only checks where changes have been made and overwrites them.

In this thesis, we focus on the technologies of web frameworks, compare them with each other, and create an online questionnaire in the selected framework, which users will be able to complete by themselves. The purpose of creating an online questionnaire is to improve existing data, and above all, the possibility of exporting the data to an Excel spreadsheet, where they can be statistically processed. 

The first chapters of the thesis covers a brief presentation of the history of the development of web languages, their structure and what problems programmers faced 30 years ago, the need for their development and how they influenced the development of the most popular web frameworks that we know today. In the core part, there follows a description of the differences between one-page and multipage applications, their advantages and disadvantages, the essential differences between them, and the overarching topic in which I describe how the COVID-19 epidemic has affected working from home, and what the future holds in this area. In the conclusion of the thesis, we present the findings of the hypotheses and the process of creating the project assignment are presented. With writing of this thesis, we want to find out which framework is most suitable for this type of task, what are advantages and disadvantages of other frameworks, and find out which technology is most suitable for developing websites for new developers.


Tamara Bogosavac



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