A simple author for a simple book


“A me piace il mio lavoro perché amo parlare con la gente, l’essere umano è una cosa che a me piace tanto. L’incontro con l’altro ha un valore soprannaturale perché è l’incontro con una creatura di Dio…per questo ogni uomo è sacro e non deve essere mai oggetto della violenza”.

“Il mio viaggio della speranza” is a small book of 61 pages, written by the Senegalese Bay Mademba. It tells the hard journey of this young man who, from Senegal, have to cross the Ivory Coast and the Greece before landing at Ancona. Through his narration full of details and memories, the reader will have the opportunity to make a lot of reflections.

The events depicted in the book are taken from the accounts of what happened throughout Mademba’s journey and what is most striking is that, despite the difficulties, Mademba never loses his smile.

 The book has a lot of grammatical mistakes and that’s what makes it genuine! They are the real proof of the simplicity of the author himself!

Our adult readers are mostly Africans who have left their country to seek their fortune in Italy, so they have been very interested in this reading and in the elaboration of the booktrailer itself.


Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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