A good heart is not very hard to find


This booktrailer is really special. In it, you will hear the voices of our young adult readers who approach a Christmas classic of world literature. Many were the film versions, from the cartoon by Walt Disney to the human protagonists. “A Christmas Carol” is set in England in 1843, on Christmas Eve. The protagonist is Mr Scrooge, a wealthy businessman, known for his avarice and selfishness, who hates Christmas. The story has both moral and exemplary significance. Dickens wants to make people understand how, by doing something small, one can reach the annulment of social evil and therefore to a better inner condition.

“A Christmas carol” is one of those books that do good, that make you peace with yourself and with others. In this ‘pearl book’, as I like to define it, the values of Christmas are, in reality, the values that should guide our life every day of the year: kindness, solidarity, compassion. This holiday represents a moment of peace, joy and above all sharing in a material, but above all affective sense. Whether we believe in the afterlife or not, the lesson we learn from the words of Dickens’ fantasy ghosts is that *in life* we have the extraordinary power to do good, and that we should never miss the small, daily opportunities to be good people. Dedicated to those with a tender heart, so that they are increasingly convinced that they are right. Dedicated to those who have a hard heart, so that they understand that being kind, supportive and compassionate is the way to serenity.


Cosima Roberta Ferrara



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