A contemporary Messiah

It was not easy to read this book: especially because the protagonist, in search of his origin, is not a […]

Surrender…in the name of love!

“Surrender” is the story of Bono’s remarkable life, written, narrated and illustrated by himself, and structured around 40 U2 songs. […]

A painful childhood

  Michele Amitrano, nine years old, suddenly finds himself dealing with a secret so great and terrible that he cannot […]

The summer of my life

  Summer is the only season when everything can happen. It triggers desires, melting melancholy and making glimpse on the […]

Cats will rule the world!!!

Why do humans love cats? They are beautiful, purring, intelligent pets that love and entertain us every day. Even the […]

Booktreilers: work in progress

Small steps, big results! This can be summarised as the third meeting between the members of the Free University of […]