Liesel, a nine-year-old girl

With barely enough food to go around and the children stealing anything that they can eat or keep for themselves, The Book Thief takes place in Nazi Germany, and starts in 1939 in the dreadful era of World War 2.  It’s no secret that Liesel Meminger is completely and utterly the one and only book thief.  The book thief’s partner in crime is ‘believe it or not’, her best friend, Rudy Steiner, but these robberies aren’t of stealing books, they are of stealing food, with a whole group of thieves in ages ranging from six year olds to teens.  The two friends discovered the group while they were watching the streets, for something to happen to them.  Everyone in town knew everybody so if they were caught the news would have gotten back to town before they could.  The book thief’s prime heist for words will always be of the third book stolen from the mayor’s library because Rudy said “Goodbye, Saumensch.’ He laughed ‘Good night, book thief.” after they got to their family homes from stealing.  It was the first time that Liesel Meminger was officially named the book thief, and she loved it.

It is truly enjoyable the way that the narrator was told and how he utterly stated what comes at points.  The narrator, was Death.  For instance one of the ways Death talked was “I am haunted by humans.” or “Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty-four hours a day.” This is how Death always comes in the end, even if you fight it. Although he does occasionally decided that he will watch a human, including Leisel. So Leisel with one eye because she interested him.  This novel is a good one for readers who enjoy history, danger, strict rules, and a little bit of other languages.


Markus Zusak



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