Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography is the subject of my thesis. Prior to researching the subject, I did not know anything about this branch of photography, therefore, I regard this work as a theoretical, research, and experimental project. The work focuses mainly on the digital aspect of modern Kirlian photography, although we can also learn a little about the analog and its technique. I prioritize electrophotography as a technical phenomenon, rather than focusing on the paranormal and conspiracy theories. It explains its origin of it in the modern era, while at the same time presenting what it really is today. In the initial and theoretical part of the thesis we will be able to find out what is its value in the present world, the different means of obtaining such photos, what are its advantages in particular professional domains, and highlighted the most relevant research in this field. Throughout the assignment, I don’t focus on electronics more than is absolutely necessary, as photography is the central focus. Later on, the direction shifted to sustainability in art and design, which is nowadays a matter of great interest. The purpose is to raise public awareness of today’s serious environmental issues.


The most crucial part of the thesis is the research part, which is based on my own research. In this section, I will create a corona discharge device. The path will lead us through the
beginnings of production to photography and finally to the final result. I will prove my claims and findings with photos straightforwardly and transparently. We reach the first critical point and the first workplace incident in this section of the task. I will also explain why I consider Kirlian photography as the night photography and why I opted for certain guidelines. I will
also show the project’s costs, which were absolutely necessary for its completion. Through a photographic lens, we will learn about the behavior of living and non-living matter on a corona discharge frame. The procedure of rearranging photographs is described towards the end of the research work. With this, I silently proclaim the successful end of the project. In the experimental work, I demonstrate my current knowledge in the field of photography, which I have gained over the years. I show that I am able to act independently when dealing with an unknown situation.


Pia Topolovec



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